Frequently Asked Questions

Do you live here?

This is my community. We moved here in 1997 because we could afford it and it was close to work. We stayed because we love the people and being close to everything. It is important to me that an elected official lives in the community they serve and knows the people and issues there.

Our last 2 city councillors did not live here prior to election.

What is your plan for crime prevention and safety?

  1. Take the stress off the police and emergency wards by getting the Main Street Project up to capacity to help first responders deal with someone who is high on meth.
  2. Invest in organizations with a track record of investing in youth as a way to prevent crime.
  3. We need city-wide policies for crime prevention that cross neighbourhood lines, party lines and philosophical lines. It’s important that we work together, as a council, to change our future.
  4. I strongly support “Beat Cops” as a proactive measure to build trust, identify families in stress, and help our schools deal with the increasing pressures on teens.
  5. Getting to know our neighbours through events and community activities is key. Some things are better done by neighbours than police.

What are your key priorities?

  • A community to be proud of: Repairing crumbling streets, replacing boulevard trees, and infill houses that are improving our neighbourhoods.
  • Responsible use of tax dollars. I will work diligently to get value for our dollars. I support volunteer organizations who are growing our community and know how to stretch a dollar.
  • Being available and responsive to community members who have concerns. I meet neighbours every day who cannot get any response from our current representative. 

How will you vote on the opening of Portage and Main to pedestrian traffic?

No. We need investment into our community too, not just downtown. 44,500 residents here want to walk safely in our neighbourhood. Regardless of how I vote, I will honour how Elmwood-EK votes on October 24 on this issue.

Where do you stand on increasing municipal taxes?

Let’s face it, the frontage levy was a tax which was intended to go directly to road renewal, but we have not seen this investment in our Elmwood-EK roads. My priority is the renewal of our crumbling infrastructure.

Do you support the Eastern Corridor of Bus Rapid Transit?

My support of BRT is conditional on it serving the businesses on Nairn Avenue and high density housing in Elmwood.

With high density housing here, Winnipeg Transit is critically important to many residents of Elmwood-EK. I will fight for Winnipeg Transit to become and remain efficient and affordable across the city.